The Four Pillars of Web Design: Why Looks Matter

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by  isawnyu  Flashing banners, a kaleidoscope of colours, terrible text and a inharmonious cacophony of sounds all make for a website that’s not only a visual nightmare, but wholly inaccessible. One of the key components of any website, regardless of its purpose, is to offer the user something worthwhile and if your layout is poor it’s…

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Unusual Tech Gadgets For Education

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According to website where you can get essay online help, technology has played a major role in improving the educational skills and classroom behavior of most students since the introduction of weird, wondrous and cool gadgets in the education system. Modern classrooms are filled and equipped with tools and gadgets of latest technologies to enhance…

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Five Most Interesting Mobile Startups in 2015

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In the age of information technology, it is hard to imagine everyday life without the use of mobile applications. Though the number and variety of mobile applications is already huge, new innovative startups do not stop emerging. They make our life easier and more exciting. They also give us excellent problem solving solutions. So, the…

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According to Actuator Zone site, this type of actuators uses the piezoelectric effect to convert electrical energy into mechanical displacement. Piezoelectric actuators are normally used in printers because of their conversion efficiency and high responsiveness. The actuator is able to control mechanical displacement in high precision positioning mechanisms. The most interesting thing is that it…

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Secret tips and tricks behind a restaurant menu

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Everyone at one point in time has gone out to a restaurant to eat. And while at that restaurant you’ve probably spent some time scouring through the various appetizers, main courses, deserts and drinks before deciding on the first thing that popped out at you. It’s no secret that restaurants are designed with specific triggers…

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Notable New Top Level Domains to be Launched in 2015

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Remember the beginnings of the internet? There were just a handful of top level domains – you know, the part of the internet address at the very and, after the dot. All countries had their reserved TLDs – .us for the United States, .uk for the United Kingdom, and so on – and there were…

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“Splash Heroes” is a limited edition 2015 calendar by London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, featuring twelve gorgeous women all dressed in stunning reinterpretation of superheroine paint splashing costumes. Photographer says he was inspired by the success of his previous calendar, “Milky Pinups 2014“, but the original idea to do a superhero-themed photo shoot came after seeing one of his friends’ action figure collection. To create such…

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San Francisco-based Isaiah Webb continue creates fantastically peculiar beard sculptures. Known as Mr. Incredibeard online, the beard artist has gained quite an online following since he started practicing in 2012.Looking at these photos puts in perspective how unimaginative typical beard fashion is. In his latest photo sequence, Webb uses his beard to spell words, create geometric designs,…

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Thomas Yang’s art is simple, minimal, and brilliant. The Singapore-based designer/illustrator couples his artistic talent with his passion for cycling to produce ‘bike print illustrations’ of world famous landmarks with bicycle tire tracks. Yang has since explored three additional landmarks around the world that merge his passion for cycling and architecture landmark including depictions of the…

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