Creative Animals Moving Steampunk Sculptures

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Artist Igor Verniy from Russia have a creative ideas to use discarded metal, car and bike parts, watch components, electronics and other metal scraps assembles stunningly detailed steampunk-infused animal sculptures. Every Verniy’s works feature working joints to allow the creatures to be posed and re-posed. Verniy studies the animals he seeks to model to capture…

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Busy for decorate house for this Christmas, why not decorate your beard? This is a chances you’re looking for a way to dress it up this holiday season. baubles are the brainchild of two employees at U.K. ad agency Grey London, Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, who came up with the idea when tasked with designing the…

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So, What’s in a Domain Name Extension?

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When searching for UK domain names, you may be curious as to what that ‘.com’ at the end of your potential website’s name means. Well, wonder no longer! We’ll be examining different domain name extensions and their meanings so you can pick one that best suits your website’s purposes. First, let’s start by looking at…

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Funny Mr. Bean in Classic Paintings

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This Series of funny and clever photo manipulations by talented artist Rodney Pike features Mr. Bean as the subject of famous paintings. Photoshopping Rowan Atkinson’s unmistakable visage into some of history’s most famous portraits and he reshaped the face just a bit as it has some camera distortion in the source. For more entertaining artwork in Rodney’s website, you should have a visit…

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Beautiful And Creative Goldfish Tea Bag

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Charming and eye catching tea bag designed by Charm Villa company from Taiwan. These designs made your tea cup look like having a little fish swimming inside. Charm Villa company will launch a Goldfish tea bag oversea version, launching ceremony and exhibition will be held on December 27-28, 2014 in BanQiao (New Taipei), far eastern department stores…

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Office Everywhere – Folding Cardboard Tables

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A New Zealand-based company has created a folding cardboard table called Refold. Refold was created by three buds – Matt, Fraser, and Ollie. Noting the harmful effects of sitting all day, their fledgling project is a stand-up desk. It’s made completely of cardboard and folds up in minutes. It’s nothing like the moving-box desk I…

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