Marvel Superheroes vs. Their DC Equivalents

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Canadian artist Darren Rawlings created a fantastic series of various Marvel superheroes alongside their DC equivalents illustrations. These ideas are clever and offered up an awesome and very cute gallery of Marvel Superheroes vs. their DC counterparts entitled “Little Friends”.                Ant-Man and Atom   Aquaman and Submariner   Black…

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Seoul-based artist Soo Min Kim used the starbucks cup as a canvas. He painted and drawn a series of humorous scenes and directly onto the recognizable mermaid trademark. from the beatles’ iconic abbey road album artwork to a daydreaming boy, the lady logo is transformed into a completely different character on each paper mug. white paint and a…

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Elliptical Treehouse Djuren by Baumraum

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The Treehouse djuren built around two large oak trees and created as a comfortable retreat for a family  for much needed relaxation on a wooded property in northern Germany. Eye catching egg-shaped silhouette book-ended by two oval windows and a glossy white facade constructed by designer Baumraum , The modern exterior is a combination of…

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Wonderful geometric animal designed by Artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer, aka Paperwolf from Germany. The artist studied computer animation in school and he realised even how much he enjoys creating  virtual 3D models, He prefer to create those virtual 3D model by his hand and paper more. Each of his 3D model took many hours of time to assembling, patience, and…

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Amazing Cliff House Hangs Over a Cliff’s Edge in Australia

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Australian architecture specialists Modscape Concept has designed an exciting five story home that clings to a cliff’s edge. This amazing architecture will be attached to the side of a cliff above beautiful ocean in Australia. Large panoramic windows provide breath taking views of the coastal land. The Parking and garage is located on the roof of the modular cliff house. Although it’s still a concept, Cliff House could provide efficient and innovative housing in rocky areas deemed…

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Amazing Volkswagen AT-AT Walker

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This awesome Volkswagen AT -AT Walker is created by a fan of Star Wars and Volkswagen camper vans. Amazing huge sculpture that features a Volkswagen bus modified to walk on AT-At legs. There doesn’t seem to be much information and photo about this Volkswagen AT-AT Walker. It is located somewhere in Europe and spotted by a tech journalist…

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The iPad Credit Card Reader is a Vital Business Tool

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Credit card statistics show that there are 1.8 billion active credit cards in the United States, with an average of three cards owned per card holder. This means that having the ability to process debit and credit card payments from your customers on-site wherever you or your staff are selling is very important whether you’re an…

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