Beautiful And Creative Goldfish Tea Bag

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Charming and eye catching tea bag designed by Charm Villa company from Taiwan. These designs made your tea cup look like having a little fish swimming inside. Charm Villa company will launch a Goldfish tea bag oversea version, launching ceremony and exhibition will be held on December 27-28, 2014 in BanQiao (New Taipei), far eastern department stores…

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Office Everywhere – Folding Cardboard Tables

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A New Zealand-based company has created a folding cardboard table called Refold. Refold was created by three buds – Matt, Fraser, and Ollie. Noting the harmful effects of sitting all day, their fledgling project is a stand-up desk. It’s made completely of cardboard and folds up in minutes. It’s nothing like the moving-box desk I…

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8-Bit Pixel Art illustrations by Octavi Navarro.

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Octavi Navarro is a Spanish illustrator and graphic artist. He recently created a series called ‘Pixel Art’ made painstakingly, one dot at a time. His work usually contains cross sections, paying homage to one of the classic 2D game viewpoints. But his scenes are off the charts. Almost like an 8-bit Where’s Waldo or retro Sim City,…

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Get to Know What Goes on Behind the Screen

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Get to Know What Goes on Behind the Screen Many people use complex technological devices and systems each and every day without having even the faintest understanding of how they work. They may be able to describe the basic processes that they use to run their machines, but they will be ignorant of their internal…

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Adorable Teacup Whale Has Arrived!

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A Korean based design company recently introduced its new line of tea infusers called the ‘Dreaming Whale.’ Able to hold any tea, your new teacup whale companion is free to swim circles around your mug as its watery spout offers a convenient handle for dunking, muddling, and stirring. This adorable designed are definitely eye catching and…

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Creative Desk for Cat Owners

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Creative Modern desk with integrated playground for your cat designed by designer Ruan Hao from china. On April 8, 2014, this creative modern desk has exhibited in the University of Milan at Milan Design Week in 2014. Chinese designer 19 group represents the highest level of Chinese design works officially unveiled, and continued to April…

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Marvel Superheroes vs. Their DC Equivalents

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Canadian artist Darren Rawlings created a fantastic series of various Marvel superheroes alongside their DC equivalents illustrations. These ideas are clever and offered up an awesome and very cute gallery of Marvel Superheroes vs. their DC counterparts entitled “Little Friends”.                Ant-Man and Atom   Aquaman and Submariner   Black…

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Seoul-based artist Soo Min Kim used the starbucks cup as a canvas. He painted and drawn a series of humorous scenes and directly onto the recognizable mermaid trademark. from the beatles’ iconic abbey road album artwork to a daydreaming boy, the lady logo is transformed into a completely different character on each paper mug. white paint and a…

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