Calvin and Hobbes Quotes Meet Typography Design

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A self-initiated project created by Emily McLain, graphic designer from the USA. A typography project with the combination of famous quotes from Calvin (a few from Hobbes) and typography design. If you read Calvin and Hobbes comic strip before, you might have read these quotes before.

This is a self-initiated project I started to improve my typography skills. I love typographic posters and I’ve always wanted to do my own. It seemed natural to pair this with my favorite comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. It’s probably the single greatest influence I had growing up. Bill Watterson pushed the boundaries of what comics could do and paved the way for other cartoonists, all while standing up for what he believed in and never selling out.

These are all quotes from Calvin, except for a couple Hobbes quotes that slipped in (try and guess which ones). He calls it like he sees it.

– Emily McLain



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