Creative, Quirky MacBook Decals

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Very few designers keep the background wallpaper that comes as default with their computer. There’s something refreshing about finding your own wallpaper to help make your laptop unique to you. It’s a way of customising your machine so that it’s yours and yours alone. But you don’t just have to stop at changing the wallpaper – you can also customise the look of the back of your computer too, to help make it even more personal. If you use a MacBook, you can find a ton of interesting vinyl stickers that complement the appearance of the machine – particularly if those stickers line up with the light-up Apple logo to create something unique.

We’ve brought together a collection of interesting, quirky and creative vinyl stickers that can be applied to your MacBook to help add that personal touch. And remember – most vinyl stickers can be removed pretty easily, so you can change the design as often as you change your wallpaper.

  • Hit The Earth Hit The Earth
  • Angler Fish Angler Fish
  • Snoopy Snoopy
  • Iron Man Iron Man
  • Camera Camera
  • The Giving Tree The Giving Tree
  • Pirate Shop Pirate Shop
  • Joker Joker
  • Retro Rainbow Apple Retro Rainbow Apple
  • Son of Man Son of Man
  • Zombie Snow White Zombie Snow White
  • Batman Batman
  • Darth Vader Darth Vader
  • Burst Burst
  • Wheatley Wheatley

Have you found any creative, interesting and quirky MacBook decals that you think deserve to be included? Sound off in the comments!

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