Weekly Design Inspirations #1

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Web design industry is a fast pace world, thousands of new designs are born almost every single second! We have decided to create a Weekly Design Inspiration post to capture the best and inspirational design showcase and hopefully they will stimulate your creativity!

  • God Is Love God Is Love
  • Modal Window Interface Modal Window Interface
  • Notebook Notebook
  • iPhone UI WIP iPhone UI WIP
  • Car Searches Car Searches
  • Simple Button UI Simple Button UI
  • Setting Panel Setting Panel
  • Vegetables Pattern Vegetables Pattern
  • UI UI
  • Heart Heart
  • Work Inquiry Form Work Inquiry Form
  • Real Estate Search Real Estate Search
  • Untitled Management Tool Untitled Management Tool
  • Chester Zoo Elements Chester Zoo Elements
  • OE Icons OE Icons
  • Equalizer Equalizer



1068.jpg Weekly Design Inspirations #13
1-professor-x-xmen X-men Characters Redesign By Nate Hallinan
fiber optic Christmas tree -  Most Unusually Creative Christmas Trees Of 2011, Shelf made Christmas t Alternative Christmas Tree Designs Made With Book