12 Ready to Be Sliced PSD Website Templates

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PSD Website template can be really useful if time isn’t your friend. There are many free website templates out there some are badly design and a lot of them are pretty much as high quality as premium templates. PSD templates aren’t for everyone because some of you might an unique design but it definitely can be used as a base for your design. You can modify and amend it to suit your needs and usually they are well-layered in photoshop to save your some hassles.

I can think of another good way to use it – PSD templates can be used as a training material. If you are a junior frontend developer and hunger for more practical practices. You can grab one of these templates below and turn it into a full HTML, CSS and Javascript templates. It’s a good training ground if you want to improve your slicing and layout skills.

Here, we have found 12 attractive and well-designed free PSD templates:



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