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The United States has the highest number of prisoners among all developed nations. In fact, the country accounts for 25% of the world’s prison population, with about 2.2 million people in Jail today. However, various stakeholders have been working round-the-clock to find ways to bring down the number of incarcerations. Digital technology is seen to…

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Best VPNs For Android in 2017

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You may have heard about VPN services before. There are strong reasons why small and huge companies, universities, and schools use them around the world. But in this article, we are going to discuss why regular users like you and your friends would want to have a VPN installed on their personal computers and phones,…

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Whether you’re a pastor, rabbi, deacon, or just a member of the congregation, chances are you’d like to see a higher attendance with more people enjoying and benefiting from the services. Expanding the congregation at a place of worship is an important part of facilitating growth in the organization and making a lasting and powerful…

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Employee Productivity Increases With Happiness

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Good Workers Are Happy Workers Consider a contrast. You’ve got Soviet workers forced by the state into thankless tasks for which they are seldom properly remunerated, against upwardly-mobile workers in a free-market system who have the ability to expand personal affluence with hard work. Which system works best? You’ve got a great case-study in North…

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Four Tips for a Successful Group Video Chat

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Modern business are becoming increasingly likely to hold meetings through video calls rather than face to face. It affords convenience for all parties involved- no travel required, connections not as easily formed through voice only calls can be achieved, near elimination of geographical barriers. While this form of communication no doubt alleviates some stresses, it…

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