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What Happens if You Become An Illustrator?

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People never really see the artists behind the wonderful designs and colourful images you see on screen and on posters. These things strike people in the aesthetic sense and even make you pause for a while to get a better look. However, do you know who made all of these? These benefactors and creators call…

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Secret tips and tricks behind a restaurant menu

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Everyone at one point in time has gone out to a restaurant to eat. And while at that restaurant you’ve probably spent some time scouring through the various appetizers, main courses, deserts and drinks before deciding on the first thing that popped out at you. It’s no secret that restaurants are designed with specific triggers…

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“Splash Heroes” is a limited edition 2015 calendar by London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, featuring twelve gorgeous women all dressed in stunning reinterpretation of superheroine paint splashing costumes. Photographer says he was inspired by the success of his previous calendar, “Milky Pinups 2014“, but the original idea to do a superhero-themed photo shoot came after seeing one of his friends’ action figure collection. To create such…

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