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Creative Tea Infusers

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In this post, we will present you with unusual, stylish and creative Tea Infuser design. They are not normal stainless tea ball which infuses your tea! They can be funny to use, appealing to look or even bring you enjoyment. Check out those picture below, you won’t be disappointed. You could buy them by click…

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Beautiful Rainbow Pencils

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Based in Tokyo, Japan young British designer Duncan Shotton has created this fabulous rainbow pencil. “Rainbow Pencils” made out of multiple layers of recycled colored paper. Create beautiful paper rainbows every time you sharpen the pencil. All of his products engage users emotionally, promote happiness and ensure people love what they’re doing.      …

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Young 21-year-old photographer Vincent Bourilhon from France succesfully caught our eye earlier by his charming photography set in a surreal world. He became interested in photography four years ago and for such a relatively short time, has already earned the recognition of the general public and took part in several major exhibitions in Paris.  …

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Israeli based makeup artist Tal Peleg aka Scarlet Moon, uses eyeshadow and eyeliner to created these beautiful arts in her eyelids. Creative makeup turns eyelids into her own personal canvas for paintings. Paint surrounds the eye and transforms it into charming little scenes, cleverly framing and completing each tiny work of art.          …

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Dresses Made Out Of Balloon

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Designer Rie Hosokai from Japanese has created this  fascination with a unique fabric material: balloons. The collective known as ‘Daisy Balloon’ create exciting and elegant dresses made entirely from balloons of all shapes. The amount of air that goes into each balloon is pretty hard to estimate when adjusting the size and volume of the…

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An incredible face paint and makeup projects created by Photographer Alexander Khokhlov from Moscow. This Art of Face series is a collaboration of Alexander, makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan and retouching expert Veronica Ershova, Khokhlov manages to capture women and men as surreal versions of themselves, inspired by two-dimensional posters, comics, pop art, paintings, pixelated images, and…

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Stephen Wilkes’ Incredible Cityscapes Day to Night

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Artist Stephen Wilkes is a photographer and creator of this series of which he calls Day to Night, Look at the photo locations are often familiar. like Times Square and the Washington Mall. The very idea of a photograph is that it captures a single moment. Cityscapes as he captures the images for up to…

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40 Great Example of Creative Packing

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There are many products out there, as a result, to be able to stay competitive and gain attention, product packaging design is very important.  I have spent some time browsing sites looking for creative packaging designs. Here are my handpicked 40 examples of unique and clever packaging design. With all these special and unique packaging designs,…

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Brazilian illustrator Mr. Peruca has created a fun set of illustrations that shows iconic characters’ bald heads. From television and movie characters to a real-life leader, these men aren’t just known for their lack of hair, they’re famous for their distinct personalities. This series is called Notorious Baldies.              …

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