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Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin two design students from Sweden have created useful and safety ‘Hövding the invisible bike helmet’.The collar contains an airbag that will inflate and protect the head in the event of an accident. Wearing a bike helmet is annoying. Bike helmets are a pain to carry around and get sweaty or ruin…

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This sculptural works of artist David Foster drawing a portraits without using a pen. Artist David Foster hammers thousands of nails onto a wood panels to create such an incredibly detailed portraits. Each composed of thousands of nails hammered into wood panels. All works are completed by freehand without any sketches or tracing onto the…

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30 Awesome Examples of Billboards

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Billboards are the most common form of outdoor advertising. A large banner doesn’t mean it will be easy to catch the attention. Ad agencies keep thinking creative and innovative ideas to use them to grab the attention and imagination of their target audiences. The following is a list of  creative examples of billboard design do…

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Hilarious Photos of Celebrities Riding Invisible Bicycles

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This might be the weirdest post i have ever put up. Celebrities are floating slightly off the ground. The bicycle that they were riding in reality is erased by photoshop, leaving viewers to stares at some of their favorite movie stars and musicians in awkward positions.  These photos are  interesting when there are multiple cyclists in the…

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A Must Read Infographic For Photographers

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With the current technology and affordable digital camera, almost everyone can be a “photographer”. Of course, to be a real photographer, taking photo is not the ONLY thing you need to do. The reality is – you need to organise photos, editing photos, look for business, promote your business, talk to your client, price negotiation…

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Creative 3D Coffee Art

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Artist Kazuki Yamamoto from Japan has created creative sculptures out of coffee. He gives a new dimension to this art by creating characters with milk foam. Kazuki Yamamoto is working as a barista in Cafe10g in Osaka, he had a dreams of opening his own cafe in Tokyo one day. To keep up with Yamamoto’s creations, check out his Twitter stream.  …

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Spilled Milk Turn Into A Celebrity

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Artist Vivi Mac from French has created these portraits by using straw and liquids like milk, caramel sauce, and rum she has cleverly created celebrity portraits speed paintings. Drinking straws are used as paintbrushes. Of course this kind of art must do it quickly cause the milk doesn’t stay long.   Bruce Lee   Mona…

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Unique Beard Styles

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Isaiah Webb transforms his beard into unique and works of art. Creative beard and facial hair designs are styled by Isaiah’s wife Angela. Mr. Incredibeard won his first award at the North California Beard and Mustache competition. You can enjoy his unique and creative beard styling by visiting his Facebook or Tumblr.                            …

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Living Wallet Help You Spend Your Money Wisely

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A Japanese company has created a possible answer to out of control spending. “Living Wallet” is equipped with runaway skills, the ability to call out for help, and dodge your ready to reach out hands rolled into one. If it get caught the living wallet will scream  “Don’t touch me!” and “Help me!”. If this thing…

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Impressive Lego Iron Man Hall Of Armor

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Impressive custom made Lego Iron man hall of Armor created by a super fan. The detail of how it was made is not made known. Every iron men were painted with some details to differentiate different suits and there are total of 33 iron man. These are just some of the photos. You may want…

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