The Greatest Brandversations by Stefan Asafti

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Brandversations is an interesting project by Stefan Asafti from Romania. From this illustration set you can see how the world greatest and famous companies’ logos and identity are being switched plus a slogan to create confusion.

“There have always existed disputes among the competing parties, divergent opinions, while the fans of each brand were convinced that theirs was the best product. Last, but not least, the rivals have even conducted ad campaigns against the competing brands. This project mostly approaches the visual “conversations” between the company logos and the ways that they influence each other, hence the name of the project, Brandversations. It is a parallel between the modern and the old, some of the slogans dating back to the 40s and 50s.” – Stefan Asafti

Pepsi vs Coca Cola

Apple vs Microsoft

McDonald’s vs Burger King

Nikon vs Canon

Firefox vs Internet Explorer



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