Web UX And UI Design Showcase #2

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Our #2 Website and Web App UI Inspiration post. We hunt and gather all beautifully designed User Interface and have a weekly showcase of them to stimulate you!

  • DiggiCard Invite DiggiCard Invite
  • Task list Task list
  • Teenie Mail Teenie Mail
  • Locate UI Locate UI
  • Player Profile Player Profile
  • Dropdown Dropdown
  • Switch On Off Switch On Off
  • JumpDocs JumpDocs
  • Layer Diet Menu Layer Diet Menu
  • Misic Widget Misic Widget
  • Folding Cover Animation Folding Cover Animation
  • Box Box
  • Icons Icons
  • Radio Player Radio Player
  • Victor Erixon Victor Erixon
  • Timeline Timeline
  • Transparent UI Kit Transparent UI Kit



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