Google Product Redesign, A Clean and Minimal Concept

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The Internet Giant Google has been busy working on its interface overhaul for many of its popular web services. They choose the minimal and clean approach to unified all the websites interface. Personally, I have been using Google’s services daily (iGoogle, Gmail, Google, Google Analytics, Google Docs) for many years, the redesign is certainly welcome and I found them visually pleasing and it introduces better readability too.

However, it could be better, here is a concept I found from Behance Network which redesign Google all over again, and introduced even cleaner and minimal UI.

For the first time in Google’s history, nearly all of its applications were redesigned to be more focused, elastic, and effortless. Created in partnership with Jesse Kaczmarek, this redesign establishes a unified and modern visual direction for Google’s suite of products and became the foundation for the brand’s refresh.



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