A Collection of Colourful Logo Designs

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These days, effective logo designs don’t just look pretty – they convey the personality of the company. From authoritative, reliable and professional to elegant, classy and refined all the way to fun, bouncy and friendly – different styles of logo can suggest different personality types.

Many new startups and small businesses like to eschew the idea of being uptight and corporate by avoiding an overly professional personality – and by instead coming across as cheeky, fun and friendly. One of the best ways to create a logo that’s friendly, warm and inviting is to make a liberal use of colour – complimentary, and even contrasting, colour palettes can help bring some vibrancy into a design, and help to inject the brand mark with a little personality. Classic examples include Google’s multi-coloured approach, which – even though professional and beautifully presented – shows off their friendly side.

We’ve brought together a collection of colourful logo designs and brand marks to help give you some inspiration for your next design project. Hopefully you’ll find them a useful and interesting source of inspiration.

Are there any brilliantly designed, colourful and fun logos that you’ve found that you think should be mentioned? Please do let us know in the comments.

Author: Dan

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