Top 15 Websites With Retro and Vintage Design

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Vintage and retro themes in web development are becoming extremely popular these days. However, this doesn’t suggest particularly complex elements in design. On the contrary a simple use of old black & white photos or some old fashioned music played in the background may do the trick. It will also make sense to play with a color palette and with its help add a retro feel to your design.

Retro and vintage designs are in fact very challenging and demand a great deal of creativity from a designer. In the process of development they require the right color scheme, typography, patterns and a whole set of many other different elements that will define the era they will end up representing. Ultimately, both vintage and retro designs are supposed to transfer the users far into the past, therefore selecting the corresponding elements is extremely important, typography in particular.

Below are 15 websites with vintage and retro design that represent these elements in the best way possible. Feel free to get inspired!

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