16 Creative and Humorous Advertisements

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They are literally hundreds of advertisements flash through our eyes daily. They are everywhere! From offline media such as newspapers, brochures, banners to digital or online media such as radio, TV ads and websites. It’s inevitable to see one every day unless you lock yourself in a room. A successful advertisement attracts attention and creative people are good at it. Making creative and humorous advertisements to promote company brand and products. A good one will make people talk about it and spread it like a wild fire.

Here we have 16 pretty creative and humorous advertisements worth sharing and I reckon they are really good. Well, at least for me.

Just in case you want more:


Y+ Yoga Center: Straw

Levis: Guerrilla paint installation

Feed SA

Kibon Icecream

Samsung MP3 Player


Max Shoes: Stunning Collection


3M Security Glass

WMF Knives

Lego Print Ad12

Febreze Truck

Utopolis Group of Cinemas: Reality Sucks





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