3 Jobs You Can Find as a Web Designer

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Web designing, because it is such a complex process, involves a varied set of skills. If you are proficient in designing websites, there are quite a number of fields you could specialize in. Perhaps you have had trouble finding work online before, but you should consider narrowing the scope of your focus. Trying to cover every aspect of this field can be overwhelming and spread you out too thin. Many companies hire several designers to work on each different part of the process instead of one designer to do everything. Decide where your skills lie and market yourself in that area.

Marketing Specialist

If you are better with promoting websites than the actual coding and web content aspects of a website, then you should consider becoming a marketing specialist. You will take an online business that already exists or has just been established and draw up a plan to reach a bigger audience for the business. You will handle ads, media exposure, social media applications like Facebook, and any aspect of the site that involves you reaching out to potential customers. Your goal is to get the your client more substantial traffic.

SEO Consultant

You could consider search engine optimization (SEO) experts marketing specialists in their own kind. This job requires you to go within the web content on your client’s site and add in appropriate keywords that will help your client’s website get more attention on search engines. SEO optimization is a hugely important factor in web design, and companies will pay good money for an SEO expert who can get a site more traffic with only a few word adjustments. Do some research, and find out if search engine optimization is something you could be interested in. It is a highly demanded skillset in the online business world.

Graphic Designer

This is the more apparent job opportunity available as a web designer. If you are adept with complex coding, understand visual layout principles, and enjoy putting together an aesthetic framework for a site, then graphic designer is the position for you. Even graphic designers who focus on the print aspect of business need to be well versed in online design due to society’s emphasis on online business. You simply cannot be disconnected from the web anymore as a designer. If you are starting out with web skills already mastered, you will have a huge competitive edge as a graphic designer.

No matter what area you decide to focus on, there are many careers out there for a quality web designer. The most important thing is to help produce quality sites, because your work will speak for itself to potential new employees. You will have a much easier time finding profitable, enjoyable work if you narrow your sights to certain specialties within the skillset of a web designer. You may also find that picking one element to pursue allows you to develop your skills much more thoroughly in that area.



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