New Challenges in Responsive Web Design

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The use of responsive design for your website has become a major part of web designing. Making your website optimized with a responsive design connotes the inference that your website should be made available to all of its website visitors or users regardless of what type of a device they use when accessing your site, be it desktop, laptop, tablets or Smartphones. Not being able to use a responsive design to your website will make you lose the opportunity of reaching a wider audience or visitors to market your brand or business. The use of responsive web design involves a lot of challenges as the following issues are commonly raised among web designers. The technical challenge in responsive web designing.

You will also need a team to work with in order to accomplish a successful project through discussion of the outcomes and to consistently keep on refining the design to meet the evolving needs of mobile users. You may want to use alm software for time tracking and even some testing in order to make your designing more profitable and streamlined.

One of the commonly raised challenges in responsive web designing involves the technical aspect of designing page styles when accessed through older web browsers. It is the ultimate goal of a web designer to make the page style of a website more capable of breaking down well in order to adapt to the screen size of the device used for viewing and to optimize the images displayed in the website according to the device’s screen resolutions. Accomplishing these goals is difficult when using older web browsers.

Poor information architecture

The creation of a responsive design for your website sometimes compromises the content architecture of your site. In certain instances, there are responsive layouts that may highlight one aspect of your website such as displaying your product clearly for Smartphone viewing but with some other information lacking which could appear on a tablet viewing. Using a responsive design will require website owners to use less content on their site in order to accommodate the enhancement of mobile viewing experience of mobile users. Along the way, web designers are tempted to design a layout that could possibly compromise the information architecture of a website when viewed in a smaller screen.

Website download time

The issue implicated as a challenge in responsive web designing in terms of the download speed of a website even with a responsive web design layout is still the same regardless whether the website displays smaller size images or less visible content. There is no guarantee that even when a web designer creates a responsive design that will only show small images and a few content, the download speed will improve. You may wonder why this is an issue. According to Kissmetrics, the speed of loading of a website could dramatically impact the productivity of e-commerce websites where there is the possibility of losing $2 million a day of profit in just a single second of delay in page loading. The download speed issue using a responsive web design may not be such a big deal to bloggers or other regular internet users but it is a million dollar issue among e-commerce businesses.

Responsive web design of generic devices

Web designers are more focused on designing a responsive layout for websites that will enable the site to accommodate all forms of devices, thus we call generic devices, like Smartphone, tablets, desktop and laptops. Because of this, it is a great challenge how they could make a more responsive web design without necessarily enhancing the viewing experience of a website visitor when using a specific device in particular. Making it more complex is the need for designing a responsive web layout that will give them better viewing experience and a faster download speed without overusing resources such as scripts and codes.

Higher costs for a responsive web designing project

In order to facilitate and enhance your responsive web design project workflow, the process may incur higher costs in order to acquire all the resources you need to make the project more successful. Responsive web design is a field that still currently evolves and you need to work on more project plans involving text design, sketches, prototype, visual design and testing in mobile devices. You will also need a team to work with in order to accomplish a successful project through discussion of the outcomes and to consistently keep on refining the design to meet the evolving needs of mobile users.

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