Beautiful Photos By UK Photographer Rosie Hardy

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These photos are taken by UK photographer Rosie Hardy, every pictures that she took were then being modified into something much more complex.  Most of her photo themes are about Love, Identity, Fantasy, and Dreams. Each photo looks like a painted piece of fine art. These are a few photos of my favorite taken from her photo album. I’m gonna follow hers Flickr and look for her new photos and ideas.

Caught in the tides




The Return


The superhero in me is tired


You do not belong here anymore


Drizzle, not a hurricane


A strange kind of loneliness


Float On


A Circus of My Own


Goodbye November


Not Lost, Just Wandering


That Sinking Feeling


Gusts of wind blowing in different directions


I Will Not Sink


After The Storm


We Paint The Skies


Dream Room


Bright Eyes


Inner Strenght




Spring Is Coming



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