Simple But Common Mistakes in Web Design

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When you’re developing a website you need to make sure that you use effective web design that focuses on your particular purpose. Yet many people start designing web pages using templates that only want to get the content out as fast as possible. While speed is not a bad goal, you do yourself no service if your website is not properly developed. Here are some of the common mistakes that you might end up with in your web design plan.

Understanding the Implications of Your Target Audience



Even if you aren’t planning on making money from your website, you need to know the concerns of your target audience. Forbes, for instance, recommends that individuals with a more elderly targeted audience consider using larger font, just as individuals whose target audience is young people give equal time to their mobile web development. The actual target audience does far more than give you ideas for your content. You need to make sure that the content and design itself are the most suited to your ideal audience, making their viewing experience as simple as possible.

Remembering the Interaction Component



The most effective websites allow people to interact with them through social media, videos, and forums. But remembering the interaction component goes far beyond just having a social media presence and buttons. Make sure that your website interaction is clear and easy to use. Check both on traditional and mobile websites to make sure that the pages can be selected, hyperlinks clicked, and social media buttons used. If people feel like they can’t interact with you easily, they won’t bother with it.
Another detail for increasing interaction is to make sure that the colors allow for distinct recognition. Often times, hyperlinks are in blue, but if you are using a blue background or blue font or anything even close to that color, you should choose another one. Also make sure to program it so that a clicked hyperlink changes colors. These small additions make it easier for people to interact with your website.

Insisting on Pagination



Smashing Magazine lists pagination as one of the most annoying web design mistakes. A basic text article can go on for thousands of words without slowing down the loading speeds. Obviously, if you decide that you want to have a gallery, then having pagination can be a great way to increase your loading speeds. But if your content is primarily text based, then don’t use pages. Some people just turn away when they see that you’re going to require that they go through multiple pages rather than a single web page. Some web owners do this to increase the number of page views and opportunities for advertisements, but it’s more likely to annoy your target audience, regardless of their demographic. Remember that effective web design is about increasing interaction and reducing barriers that would keep your visitors from coming back or continuing on. So unless you have a photo gallery or something like it, skip the pagination entirely.



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