A Showcase of Illustration in Logo Design

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Few things in design work are scrutinised quite as heavily as logos. Despite their tiny canvas size, logos represent the entire brand. Everything the company creates, and the attitude and personality of the brand need to come through in that one, small design. Creating an interesting, beautiful and – importantly – representation design can be a challenge to say the least.

One technique that I find particularly interesting when it comes to logo design is the use of illustration. Illustration helps to give the design a sense of uniqueness and a sense of personality. An illustrated logo is slightly bespoke, and because it’s a little unconventional, it can often come across as a bit more down to earth than many other uptight, corporate designs. It’s also very difficult to get right, of course, and so to help give you some inspiration I’ve brought together a collection of some fresh, interesting and creative examples.

These designs all make use of illustration in some way to add a touch of something special to the logo design. In some cases, this may mean that there’s only a hint of illustration used to support the main body of the design – while in other examples, illustration is used heavily and forms the entirety of the logo. I hope that you find this showcase of logo designs interesting and that it helps to get you sketching out your own design ideas.




















Which of these logo designs do you like best? Have you come across any other examples of beautifully illustrated logos that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say in the comments!

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