Thousands of Hammered Nails Form Detailed Portraits

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This sculptural works of artist David Foster drawing a portraits without using a pen. Artist David Foster hammers thousands of nails onto a wood panels to create such an incredibly detailed portraits. Each composed of thousands of nails hammered into wood panels. All works are completed by freehand without any sketches or tracing onto the boards. His smaller drawings average only about 5,000 nails and the larger pieces drawings can include as many as 30,000.


DavidFoster1 DavidFoster2 DavidFoster3 DavidFoster4 DavidFoster5 DavidFoster6 DavidFoster7 DavidFoster8 DavidFoster9 DavidFoster10 DavidFoster11 DavidFoster12 DavidFoster13 DavidFoster14 DavidFoster15 DavidFoster16


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