The Art of Illusion And Surrealism

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Continued from The Art of Negative Space Illustration, we have another series of illustration from the same designer Tan Yao Hoong. This series illustrates 20 really creative and well executed illusions and surrealism. Some of the illustrations have double meaning, and a few of them  reminded me of the movie Inception.

  • Surrealism - Journey to the City of No Horizon Journey to the City of No Horizon
  • Surrealism - Untitled: Impossible Untitled: Impossible
  • Surrealism - The Sound of Nature The Sound of Nature
  • Surrealism - So Long, Old World So Long, Old World
  • Surrealism - Lost in Transition Lost in Transition
  • Surrealism - Sky Guitar Sky Guitar
  • Surrealism - Droplet Droplet
  • Surrealism - Reach for the Light Reach for the Light
  • Surrealism - Skyzip Skyzip
  • Surrealism - Dawn Dawn
  • Surrealism - Climb Climb
  • Surrealism - The Zebra's Escape The Zebra’s Escape
  • Surrealism - Erasing Handsy Erasing Hands
  • Surrealism - Grow On Me Grow On Me
  • Surrealism - Trap Trap
  • Surrealism - D for Deceive D for Deceive
  • Surrealism - Crossover Crossover
  • Surrealism - The Edge of the World The Edge of the World
  • Surrealism - Going Up Going Up
  • Surrealism - Deep Inside the Feather Deep Inside the Feather



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