Five Most Interesting Mobile Startups in 2015

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In the age of information technology, it is hard to imagine everyday life without the use of mobile applications. Though the number and variety of mobile applications is already huge, new innovative startups do not stop emerging. They make our life easier and more exciting. They also give us excellent problem solving solutions. So, the need for quality mobile startups will never fade.

Here are 5 most interesting mobile startups in 2015.



This fitness app is created for people who want to lose weight and get in a better shape from home. 8fit provides users with detailed workout routines and healthy meal plans. The startup’s 8fit founder says the main aim of their pet project is to “build a gym in your living room”. For the moment, the app has over 250.000 users on Android and iOS. Its revenue amount form the subscription-based version increases by 35% monthly.



If you notice that your child has a raw talent for coding, or if you just want to train his/her logical thinking, just let your offspring play Codie. By playing the app, the main aim of which is to guide the robot toy, kids learn the basics of coding. Codie plans starting a campaign on Indiegogo and will get to market pretty soon.

First V1sion

Sport fans will not stay indifferent to this startup, as it allows watching a sports game through the eyes of its player. Achieving this is possible through the use of a wearable broadcast camera. With First V1sion viewing of sports events will acquire a new coloring. A burst of emotions and adrenaline is guaranteed!



Though this is not the first cooking app, but its detailed photo recipes and step-by-step instructions took users by the storm. Cookbooth offers recipes shared by famous chefs. The popularity of this app increases by leaps and bounds and is best shown by the number of its downloads – 250.000.



Have difficulties with solving equations? Then PhotoMath is a real catch for you. There is no need breaking your head over these complicated equations. From now, all you need to do to solve the equation, is to take a photo of it and PhotoMath will do the rest of the job for you. The app will ideally meet the needs of college and high school students and also parents, helping their kids with math home assignments.

Lezgro will not just endorse your startup idea, but will help turn it into reality. This talented team of young and seasoned iOS/Android and Yii developers knows how to make complicated things easier and, what is more important, accomplishable. The company’s vast experience in developing diverse web and mobile applications allows building premium solutions, tailored to the specific requirements of every customer. When assigning your startup project to Lezgro, you do not risk your reputation or money, instead you can be sure of getting a high-quality product that will make your company shine up.



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