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So you’re designing a new website for your latest product or services. Obviously you want it to be professional, eye catching and informative. If you’re looking for ways to turn this dream into a reality, then you might want to look at other examples of websites to inspire you to create your own ideal vision. Here are some examples of a few different websites, each with interesting and unique designs, which may help you with your own web design.

For a start, there are sites which exist purely to be informative, such as health websites. One of our favourite examples of these is, a site which offers herbal remedies to help to cure ailments, from anxiety to obesity. Whether you believe in herbal remedies to deal with physical or mental disorders, there can be no doubt that the actual layout of the site if informative, helpful and easy to use. The green and white colour scheme is attractive and inspires you to think about nature and growth. The site is easy to navigate, without any fancy graphics and a very simple layout.


Similarly, if it’s a new site then you’re putting together then a good example is the BBC website. News sites can be difficult to run because obviously the news is constantly updating, whilst simultaneously you are also trying to give precedence to news stories which are less urgent, yet still important. The BBC news website manages to cover all of these bases, using a horizontal scrolling feature which allows you to focus on the areas of the news which are specifically of interest to you. By allowing users to scroll left and right, as well as up and down, the site recreates the impression of a real life newspaper, and also takes into account that human eyes are more accustomed to reading left to right as opposed to up and down.


If you’re going for something a bit less serious and more fun, then maybe you might want to consider looking at an online gaming site for more ideas. Online gaming websites often have a very simple homepage, usually with just a few examples of their latest offers, and perhaps news about big winners on the site. Then there are usually tabs at the top of each page to direct players towards different kinds of games and offers.

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Meanwhile, if the image you want to put across is both fun and savvy, then check out Caava Design, a design website which uses fun features such as scrolling animation and an almost kind of vintage background and colour scheme which is attractive and sure to draw in customers. Using lots of circular images and a simple yet original layout makes the site easy and attractive to navigate.


So, when you’re designing your website, make sure you check out some of these examples to help you create the perfect site for your brand.



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