Reasons to Use Ruby On Rails for Your Startup

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Many IT specialists will agree that Ruby On Rails is one of the best tools for startups. Here are a few good reasons why choosing RoR for your startup.

It is Really Cool

Though it is not the most professional argument, but RoR is just cooler than many other frameworks. Working on old technology is boring, so why not shifting to a new powerful framework that gives more opportunities for experimenting.
Reduced Development Costs

Many agile developers companies nowadays are obsessed with Ruby On Rails and take every opportunity to work with this framework. Therefore, many are ready to work for less money only for getting a chance to use Ruby On Rails. So, why not use this obsession for your own benefit and hire cheaper programmers.

Better Programmer Productivity

The sooner the product gets to the market, the higher your chances to receive a good revenue. The use of Ruby On Rails significantly reduces development time and therefore you get a chance to start selling your product earlier than your competitors. Who knows, maybe someone is already working on a similar project, so do not let them be the first.

Guarantees Perfect Results

As a MVC (model–view–controller) framework, Ruby On Rails provides default structures for web pages, web server and database. The main benefit of MVC pattern is that it keeps developers from making fatal mistakes. By using standard default choices, even beginner RoR developers are able to create flawless products that are highly competitive with products developed by programmers, having a more ample experience in other frameworks.

Understanding of Potential Risks and Rewards

There is no need finishing a business school to understand that the greater risks you take, the greater reward you may eventually get. Launching a business on a comparatively new platform technology is undoubtedly a risky adventure. On the other hand, every startup is a risk to some part. Though you are not able to predict and avoid all potential risks, you can always take risks on something you are able to control, like for example, your technology platform.

The right choice of a technology platform is half the battle for any startup. Before making a final decision and choosing the newest technology that promises to give excellent outcomes (which Ruby On Rails does), make sure to learn what pitfalls are awaiting for you. Be wise and never make a hurried decision.



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