Facts That Few People Consider With WordPress Website Design

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WordPress is incredible. It is a CMS system that was designed in order to help people that do not know much technical knowledge to have a blog and eventually evolved to a system that can get anything done. Thanks to the contribution of the community, it is practically impossible not to be able to create the exact site that you imagined.

The problem is that although WordPress is completely customizable, this fact can easily lead towards many design mistakes. You have to be sure that the design of your site is perfect. If you do not do this, many problems can appear on the long run. Avoiding what is mentioned below is something that you have to remember.

Navigation Is Very Important

While the graphic elements that you add to a website will make it attractive, it is the information offered that keeps the visitor on the site. Most people that land on your site and find good content will want to read more. This is where proper navigation steps in to help them.

The industry standard is to basically have a top header menu that features the important categories and leads towards the parts of the site that are the most accessed. Then, there is a need to have a search form that is present in the header, preferably in the upper right corner.

Using Too Many Graphical Elements

One huge problem with WordPress website design is that it is so easy to add as many graphical elements as you want to. Many simply add too many. This is problematic because of two main reasons:

  • It slows down the website – a slow loading site will not keep the attention of the visitor and the interested user might end up simply leaving.
  • Draws attention from content – no matter how flashy a website is, it is always the content that should be the most important part of the site.

Make sure that you focus on using a minimalistic website design with your WordPress platform. There are so many wonderful responsive themes that take advantage of all that the platform can offer. Consider them. You will quickly see that they are normally minimalistic.

Paid Themes Are Better

Since we talked about themes, we have to all understand that a paid WordPress theme will always be a whole lot better than a free one. The number of extra features that are included is usually really high and this basically brings in the possibility of ending up with a website that looks perfect.

All that you really need to do is take a close look at all the differences that appear between a free version and a paid version of the same theme. Similar differences appear when comparing any paid option with a paid option.


WordPress website design is definitely not as simple as you may think. The facts that were mentioned above are just some of those that have to be considered. Many others exist. The bottom line is that you may need professional help from a designer with WordPress related experience to get the best possible site.



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