How Java Has Effected The Media Today, Around The World

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With so much technology readily available at our fingertips the modern world would surely not function the same as it takes up so much of our daily lives. We also take it for granted, that we can be able to be connected and access applications and content anywhere, anytime. Java is a computer programming language that is object-focused and has been specifically designed to have as few implantations as possible. Java code can run on all different platforms that support java.  It has also changed the world of technology and how we use it on a daily basis.


Java has enabled us to expect digital devices to be smart, more functional and far more entertaining from slot machines featuring ancient Egypt to our phone knowing exactly where we are in the world.

The history of Java can be traced back right to the early 90s, when extending the power of network commuting to the activities of everyday like was a radical and somewhat absurd vision. However in 1991 a small group of Sun engineers called the ‘Green Team’ believed that the next wave of computing was the union of digital consumer devices and computers. This was led by James Gosling, and the team began to work around the clock and was able to create the programming language that would revolutionize Java.

The Green Team, or Sun were able to demonstrate that the new language with an interactive, handheld home-entertainment controller that was originally targeted at the digital cable television industry. Unfortunately, the concept was much too advanced for them at the time therefore they could not process it. But it was right for the thankfully it was perfect for the internet which was just starting to take off and enter a new dawn. In 1995 the same team announced that the Netscape Navigator Internet browser would include Java technology.

And now today Java not only pervades the internet but also is the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-days lives. From our smartphones to handheld devices, games and navigation systems to e-business solutions, Java has found its way in a variety of multitudes. This is due to the fact that Java’s language is mature and is standardized throughout the world.Today Java still remains critical to technology even in the form of many apple products, and even Android developers still use Java skills top produce apps and products. Java skills can be found everything from TV’s to fridges.



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