A Detailed Guide To Learn About Magento Design

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Magento design is one of the basic bone of e-commerce without which running online portal is impossible. It was developed by Magento Inc. The initial release date was March 31, 2008, almost 8 years ago but it released in stable form on March 31, 2016. It is said to be as a cross platform operating system. To derive it in simple words, it is a clear-source electronic commerce platform written in PHP. This software was developed by Varien Inc., a US private company whose headquarter is situated in Culver City, California, with assistance from volunteers. Some researches attended by ahead Works have revealed in May 2015 that Magento’s market share is about 29.8% compared to other 30 most popular ecommerce platforms.


You must be thinking of how is magento design helpful to e-commerce or other. This amazing software is not only capable of customizing the page design but also you are able to configure your online shop window, search features and many more. Its most important characteristics are expandability, scalability and flexibility. It is also on demand among and is used by global brands like Nike, Ford, Samsung, Gant or Olympus. Another advantage of it is professional technological support and huge knowledge base. Magento is said to be the leatherman of e-commerce as it is capable of handling many things, it is an atheletic system. Because of it you get huge array of product information and even you can describe any product feature you love. It brace a Web template system which gains multiple same to same looking pages and customizes theme.

Below are five most important feature of it:-

· Advertising Promotions and Tools: – It is cable of advertising products like it has cross-sells for product pages, along with up-sells for shopping cart and landing page tools for PPC etc.

· Product browsing: – It means you are able to get multi-tier pricing upsell, stock availability, product views, and multiple images per product.

· Mobile commerce: – Due to this you are able to see website on mobile which displays full catalogue or half.

· Global support: – It is International platform thus supports globally.  It is capable of generating multi-lingual websites which may carry localization, multiple currencies, website registration etc.

· Shipping and payment:- With the help of this all the orders are controlled like for free shipping regarding multiple orders in same address or one order in multiple address and even able rates for weight and destination are controlled. It also functions over payment modes as it can handle any payment like cheque, net banking etc.

Apart from all this there are many more features of it which defines its great importance among e-commerce and others. Some more features include allowing of users in order to integrate many different domain names into one control panel and not only this it also allows you to administer more than one store front at once from a single admin panel. Well, it was quite difficult to manage all at a time when there was absence of magento and eBay had took over it only. But now eBay has left it open for all to use it and earn benefits from it.



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