12 Popular Wireframe UI Stencils for Quick Prototyping

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Prototyping is a proven technique to generate ideas and discover requirement of a project. It’s a very effective method to show clients the visual and UI of a project. Not only that, it enhances the communication between, designers, developers and product managers as well. Many people like to use pencil and paper, but if you’re one of those who love to use photoshop or other image editing tools to do a quick mockup, these resources would be treasures for you. 

Listed are 12 wireframe UI stencils for popular social websites (facebook, Google+, youTube…) and mobile platform (Android, iOS, Windows…). All are well-layered and some are vectors, you will able to do a quick prototyping easily with all these wireframing UI stencils.

Social Media & Websites

  • Twitter GUI PSD

    Smashing Magazine proudly present to you a Twitter UI GUI template, designed by Shelby White which has exclusively been released for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

    Twitter GUI PSD

  • Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

    All layers are vectorized, allowing you to scale up the GUI without loss of quality. The PSD mock-up is 100% pixel-accurate.

    Facebook Fan Page GUI PSD

  • Full Layered Google GUI PSD Kit

    Free Full Layered Google+ GUI PSD Kit. Intensive collection of Google+ UI layout.

    Full Layered Google GUI PSD Kit

  • Vimeo Player GUI PSD

    Popular vimeo video player. It is fully editable and can be scaled without loss of quality. 

    Vimeo Player GUI PSD

  • Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD

    It’s a sandbox to play around with design ideas for your Facebook Timeline. A Timeline Cover has two elements: Your profile photo is the same as before. It’s a 125 x 125 square. The Cover is the new edition and has a resolution of 850 x 314.

    Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD

  • Youtube UI PSD

    Youtube Stencil Kit for quick prototyping

    Youtube UI PSD

Tablets & SmartPhone

  • iPad GUI PSD – Version 2

    The PSD was constructed using vectors, so it’s fully editable and scalable. You’ll notice there are a few new UI elements as compared to the iPhone interface. The workable screen design is formatted to 768 x 1024 so anything you design in the Photoshop file can easily be brought over to the SDK.

    iPad GUI PSD - Version 2

  • iPad Sketch Elements AI

    The iPad GUI PSD has been very helpful for designers / developers in mocking up their apps, although in some cases it’s proved a little too high-fidelity. For rapid prototyping we found we needed a more malleable approach. This is when we turn to the iPad Sketch Elements AI. This collection of common iPad elements in a sketch – like style allows us to easily and quickly mock up flows of custom wireframe screens.

    iPad Sketch Elements AI

  • iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

    This file now includes countless changes and additions to align to iOS 5. As usual, we’ve painstakingly recreated everything in Photoshop as fully editable shapes layers (works best with Photoshop CS5).

    iOS 5 GUI PSD (iPhone 4S)

  • Full Windows 8 GUI Theme Set

    This time the design team behind the shock family (iconshock, webdesignshock and themeshock) have created a complete set of GUI elements inspired in the new windows 8 interface, called Metro, it was made purely in Photoshop using vector shapes, so it will be easily adaptable to your designs.

    Full Windows 8 GUI Theme Set

  • Android GUI PSD

    To help improve our design workflow (and hopefully yours too) we made a fully vectorized Android GUI PSD.

    Android GUI PSD

  • Lion Ui Kit

    This Mac OS Lion UI Kit is for those who need to create mockups. Created by Jonatan Castro, it is free to use.

    Lion Ui Kit



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