Pokémon Go: how Niantic will push players to connect

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Niantic, the studio behind Pokémon Go, preparing a new update which aims to encourage players to connect daily. In exchange, they will have bonuses.

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It is now four months since Pokémon Go was released on smartphone. The euphoria of the early days has passed; Niantic must now apply the right formulas to keep alive the interest of players for its game in augmented reality. For indeed, the initial enthusiasm has decreased significantly and the number of trainers known for several weeks a significant erosion.

From time to time, special events will be offered to players for a little out of the routine of the game This approach has been seen in recent work with events around Halloween. For a few days, some creatures type “spectrum”, “shrink” or “darkness” were more numerous than usual.


In addition, Niantic intends to offer bonus experience for those who show loyalty. In a future update, the studio will inaugurate the principle of daily bonuses. As its name suggests, it is a mechanism that triggers when the player performs a very specific everyday action. If he performs this action seven days in a row, it will even be eligible for a “super bonus”.

The grid of obtainable points system has been detailed by Niantic:

Catch a Pokémon daily report the following bonuses:

  • 500 experience points.
  • 600 Star Dust.
  • 2000 experience points if the action is repeated for a week.
  • 2400 Star Dust if the action is repeated for a week.

Visit PokéStop and operate a daily report the following bonuses:

  • 500 experience points.
  • A number of additional items.
  • 2000 experience points if the action is repeated for a week.
  • A larger number of additional items if the action is repeated for a week.

This update of the game has several objectives.

In addition to relaunch Pokemon Go interest, the studio is trying to push players to connect at least once a day if they are to get bonuses. This concerns especially those who are already on the game for a while and who are already tired of the title – this is less true of recent players who are still in their own excitement phase to the discovery of a new game.

It is also, without doubt, hijacked a way to give a little boost to players who have reached a relatively high level. From a certain point, it becomes very long to earn extra level. Completing daily tasks and repeating over time, a player can potentially recover every week until 7000 extra experience points.

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