10 Best Home Décor Trends to Refresh Your Home

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Spring is starting to knock on our doors – at least, if you’re a positive thinker – and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about rebirth. When it comes to refreshing things around, you should definitely start with your home’s décor. Adding a few new touches will boost your energy and make it feel nicer to get back home after a long day at work.

1. Maximalist patterns

Although minimalism has long been the key trend for decorating, maximalist designs are taking over in 2017. Maximalist patterns, whether it is rugs, pillowcases or printout art, are an easy and effortless way to freshen up your home. Iain Snow has a great collection of vintage fabrics that fit the description well and would look great hanging on the wall.

2. See-through tables

Airy décor is ‘in’ right now and you want to create rooms that are clutter-free and very lightly decorated. You want the light to flow through the furniture, which is why see-through tables are a great option for living room. An example is this beautiful Mercer41 Channing coffee table from Wayfair. The design is simple and extremely elegant – include some colourful books and some flowers and you can already feel the summer heat.

3. A modern chair

Modern décor is an elusive term that many people don’t quite know what to think about. We often confuse all furniture to be modern, even though modern furniture has its own design and feel. If you want modernism to your décor, add a chair, such as West Elm Orb Upholstered Dining Chair to your home.

4. An artistic lamp

Lampshades are not an easy way of adding decorative touches to your home. It’s rather easy to change the feel of a room with a lampshade. Artistic lampshades are a big thing in today’s décor like the Sipari Floor Lamp from Barker and Stonehouse which is a best choice for a savvy artist. When placing the lamp in the room, ensure it takes a centre stage and people are able to admire it for its beauty.

5. Green plants

Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is green. The decision means green things are a big hit, but not just in terms of the colour but also in terms of nature. Green plants are a must-have in today’s home. Choose green plants like Areca Palm and Weeping Fig. These are not just great looking but also help keep the house air cleaner.

6. Fabric wallpaper

Fabrics are always an important decorating element and there are a number of different ways to use them. One of the current trends is to opt for fabric wallpapers. Combine the fabric finish with a big, bold pattern and you are good to go – check out the Sumi wallpaper from the Harlequin collection, for instance. If you are a playful decorator, tropical prints are a big hit and the print would look quirky on a single wall in a children’s playroom, for example.

7. Crafted furniture

Artisan furniture is starting to overtake chain furniture stores like IKEA. People want personality and quality. If you need to invest in a sofa, dining table or a bed, consider finding an artisan furniture store and spending a bit more money on a stunning well-made piece.

8. Monochrome rooms

If you want to make a real impact and refresh your home décor, opt for monochrome design in rooms. A black and white living room with a hint of wooden furniture is a great way to create a meaningful impact. Layer your prints and keep the colours simple – greys, blacks, blues and natural whites are the best.

9. Marble-brass kitchen

You should also combine two of the most popular trends in 2017: marble and brass. The combination looks especially good in a kitchen – opt for marble kitchen counters and fill them with brass pots and pans. If you are looking for something smaller, a marble-brass nightstand is a perfect addition to any home. Swoon Edition featured a beautiful green marble and brass side table called Kay, which would be a great addition to a bedroom or even the hallway.

10. Soft sunset tones

Since we still have to wait a bit until the warm summer nights, you should add sunset tones to your décor. This is easily done with the help of light, warm orange curtains and blinds, for example. It adds freshness and warmth to any room, especially the kitchen. If you aren’t afraid of a bit of repaint, then sunset coloured walls would add warmth to rooms across the house.

The above are the best home décor trends to opt for right now. They are all about the current trends and the simple ways you can add freshness and fun to your home. Decorating should always be enjoyable and aim at creating spaces that are good-looking, but also practical. So, whenever you decide to try one of the above trends, first think how it will sit in your home in terms of what you like and how you spend time in the rooms.



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