Top Five Careers You Can Land with a MSHI Degree

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The healthcare industry is one that has undergone a lot of changes in the last decade thanks to the emphasis on technology and information. Because of these changes, there are careers popping up that didn’t exist 20-30 years ago. If you’re in the process of earning your online masters in health informatics and you’re wondering what you can do with it once you graduate, you’ll be pleased to hear there are actually a number of avenues worth investigating.

The online MSHI degree is ideal for those who are looking to change the direction of their current career path and have a background either in IT or healthcare. Here’s a look at the top five careers that are a perfect blend of technology and healthcare.

Clinical Informatics Data Analyst

In this position you will be responsible for gathering data, evaluating it, and also making sure that the information systems are working to their optimal level. You will most likely be creating a database system for the facility you are working at.

Health Informatics Specialist

As a health informatics specialist works as the go-between when it comes to the IT department and the actual clinical practice. You’ll need to have a strong understanding of the IT side of things, and it may be up to you to put together the training manuals that employees use.

Nurse Informatics Specialist

This position is also called a Nurse Informaticist or a Nurse Informatician. You may work in the private sector, academia, or in a healthcare facility. Your responsibilities will include implementing an IT system and making sure it is used properly by the staff of nurses. As well, you will be taking a look at the data and evaluating it.

Medical Coding Specialist

This position has a large emphasis on the IT side of things. Here you will be taking data and then translating it into code that will be used in an electronic health records system. Codes are given to treatments, diagnoses, procedures, etc. This information is then used by the healthcare facility, the staff, patients, and insurance companies. You’ll need a strong eye for detail to excel in this position.

Health Informatics Manager

Because this is a management position, it’s not usually a job you will start in right out of school. In this position you will be the one who is responsible for implementing the entire health informatics system in the facility. You will be managing and training staff, making sure all systems are operating smoothly, and that the data is both accessible and able to be evaluated.

Combining Two Industries

The MSHI degree does an excellent job of combining two robust industries into one. The careers in this field tend to be quite challenging, fast paced, and very rewarding. While the entry-level positions offer about average salary, as you work your way up it can prove to be a very lucrative field. By obtaining your masters in health informatics you’ll ensure you are able to reach those higher paying jobs.




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