Employee Productivity Increases With Happiness

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Good Workers Are Happy Workers

Consider a contrast. You’ve got Soviet workers forced by the state into thankless tasks for which they are seldom properly remunerated, against upwardly-mobile workers in a free-market system who have the ability to expand personal affluence with hard work. Which system works best?

You’ve got a great case-study in North Korea versus South Korea. North Korea is a collectivized system derived from the soviet ideal, and its people have no choice but to maintain antiquated defense methods which include tanks that were old fifty years ago, an air force that is drastically under-par, and no real production of “new” goods or services.

The country has been struggling. Famines have killed millions, and those who aren’t killed by the difficulties of this country’s failing economy are sent to prison camps where they’ll die from other causes. The only people doing “good” in North Korea are those kissing up to the country’s ruling elite; and even they live under constant fear and mental subversion.

Meanwhile, South Korea’s economy is positively booming. They’ve developed into a center of burgeoning technological advancements, and their output in the realm of film has earned them worldwide recognition. The contrast is black and white, night and day.


North Korea isn’t the only country in the world who suffers under the reign of a government which preaches freedom, but practices enslavement. When it comes to your business, you should look at North Korea as a bad example of administration.

The successful businesses today are using new and improved methods of operation to facilitate autonomy—kind of like South Korea. Instead of imposing age-old tactics which are unnecessary from a practical standpoint, new businesses try to encourage freedom among employees. One of the best ways to do this is through the internet itself.


Consider a conventional desk job where reports are filed, or calls are taken. Consider software work and design work. Most of that doesn’t really need a cubicle anymore, does it? Today, you can do the same kind of work from a personal laptop or desktop in the comfort of your own home.

So why are businesses relying on old means of egress? Why do employees have to drive an hour to and from work through steadily worsening traffic? There is really only one primary reason: the time clock. Employees need to clock in and out in a controlled environment where their movements can be monitored to ensure proper remuneration comes only from proper work.

What’s wonderful about today is that the internet, through cloud computing and other broadening applications, now makes it possible for employees to clock in and begin work anywhere they have access to the web.

A Solution

If you’re tired of the costs and time involved in payroll calculation, you might try out this website; according to them, with new software utilizing internet capability, you can: “Spend less time doing payroll. Automate the stuff you hate! Run payroll reports in just a few clicks.”

Between saving time in the actual calculation of payroll, and making it possible for employees to clock in whenever and wherever you are, your business stands a great chance of increasing productivity through the increase of employee freedoms. This is true even if you send employees to an EMT training course, to visit a customer, or take care of company business from any location.

The more free employees are, the better they can work. They’ll be more productive, milk the clock less, and generally have a better outlook about their place of employment. Meanwhile, you’ll save money on the payroll department because you won’t need as many workers to get this vital job done. Productivity can be increased, resources consolidated, and savings sustained.

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