Best VPNs For Android in 2017

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You may have heard about VPN services before. There are strong reasons why small and huge companies, universities, and schools use them around the world. But in this article, we are going to discuss why regular users like you and your friends would want to have a VPN installed on their personal computers and phones, especially androids.

Firstly, let’s look at the benefits of a VPN service.

VPN Services: Definition, Variety, And Importance


A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology, which allows you to access the Internet privately, securely, and completely anonymously. To make a long story short, it creates a virtual tunnel between your smartphone/computer and the server you are connecting to, encrypting all the income and outcome data.


VPN companies have drastically developed and changed lately. There are a huge variety of free and paid, better and worse services on the market today. To save your time and to get more information, check here to find out what are the main benefits of VPNs for androids.


There are 3 reasons to have a VPN service now:

  • Privacy. Do not allow someone to watch what you are doing on the Internet on the daily basis.
  • Security. Special attention for those who constantly use public WiFi hotspots. Don’t allow hackers and cybercriminals to steal your private information and passwords.
  • Unblocking. VPN services can unblock restricted websites fast and easy. Now anyone can trick websites by rerouting the country. It’s like a teleporting by sitting in front of your computer. Change your region from France to the USA and vice versa in seconds.

Top Free and Paid VPNs For Android in 2017

Free VPNs

  1. Turbo VPN. One of the fastest free VPN services on the market in 2017. It has several big servers in the Netherlands, Canada, India, United States, Germany, and France. All of them are completely free. The only minus are ads. However, this doesn’t influence the running speed of the app.
  2. Ultrasurf. It is a brand new service, which already has a very promising start. The application had no ads and other useless things. Here you can’t choose the server by yourself. The program will automatically connect you to the fastest one.
  3. Opera VPN. A free VPN server from huge and famous developers in the IT world. The service offers you to choose one of the closest servers to connect to. But the number of free regions is limited.

Paid VPNs

  1. ExpressVPN. Simplicity in use, smart location option, and high speed. The company has servers in 90+ countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and the USA. Money back guarantee program.
  2. PureVPN.Servers in 140+ countries, user-friendly interface, numerous modes, and money back guarantee program.
  3. VyprVPN. More than 700 servers in 55+ countries. No third parties, own DNS and hardware. Possibility to order a free trial option.

Never neglect a secure connection between your phone and the Internet to be sure that the private data is 100% safe. A VPN is relatively easy to use kind of software.



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