5 Fashion Elements of Fashion for High-school Girls

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With your teenage daughter coming into adulthood, as a parent you probably noticed that her fashion style has changed and started to reflect this fact. Gone are the plain, generic dresses. These days, your not-so-little girl seems to know more about the current fashion climate than you as a teenager ever did.

This guide will help familiarize you with the current trends so you can keep up. We’ll focus on casual fashion trends here. However, we need to emphasize that there are also trends specific to an event – such as prom, cheerleading squad, dance practice, etc. For the latter, you can find an assortment of clearance dance costumes and edgy styles that will surely match your daughter’s style.

1. Summer Fashion


For obvious reasons, less is more when spring and summer roll around. Spring tends to evoke vibrant colors no matter what the actual style is, since it’s a break from being buried underneath sweaters and coats during the winter season. For knee-length dresses, floral prints and pastel designs are en vogue and will have her brimming with confidence on daily outings. It’s perfect for after school when much of her time will be spent out-and-about with her friends exploring the city.

Denim is also in style this summer (when is it not ever?) which can be paired with fashionable sneakers. There are expensive shoes out there, but style is more about confidently wearing whatever you can afford – not about splurging on a pair of Yeezys that can pay for her first year of college.

2. Casual Plaid Wear

In particular, the oversized plaid button-up shirt is a timeless addition to any closet. It can be quite a fashion statement when paired with Vans or even Oxfords. You can suggest that she pairs the look with long socks with stripes at the top and you’ll be her fashion guru. A beanie that matches the less dominant color in the plaid shirt will help her stand out even more.

3. Weather Wear

As always, the cold comes back around every year so her clothing has to match that change. Although comfort dominates; style shouldn’t take too much of a backseat with so many varieties of woollen sweaters, shawls and peacoats around. Leather is the ultimate fashion must-have. It’s a way she’ll stay warm while representing her own unique look. With accessories such as necklaces, scarves and wood bracelets, she can really spruce it up this fall.

4. College-Bound Fashion

The following also works for those who are a few years away from college, as high-school is the entryway to more grown-up fashion choices. In fact, some young women work during the whole summer to completely re-stock their wardrobe complementing the changes in their lives. Vintage cardigans, several shawls, black tights and wedge boots are infinitely interchangeable to help create a unique style. The wonderful thing about fashion is the experimental stage, so encourage her to mix and match to her heart’s content.

5. The Sporty Look

Nothing reflects a fun-loving girl more than the sporty look. It can involve anything from a white tank top and ripped jeans, to Ugg boots, a beige shawl and slim corduroy pants. This is another style that responds very well to accessorizing – gold bracelets, oversized sunglasses and slip-on shoes add another dimension to the look.



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