Top Technology-Based Strategies That Can Make Your Business More Successful 

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Making the most of the latest business technology is essential to staying competitive. There are many tech solutions that can help your business from tools that automate simple tasks, solve various business problems, build websites in seconds, monitor your marketing, to analyze your marketing activities. But the key to using this technology is to integrate it with the right business strategies. Here are some of the top technology-based strategies that can help your business become more successful.

Leveraging Content Management Systems to Execute Business Tasks

By now, you’re probably aware of content manage systems that allow you to start a blog within minutes (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). Businesses are taking the capabilities and maximizing how they use these content management systems to make running their businesses even easier than before. What makes these CMS platforms so great is the fact that there is a huge library of plugins and add-ons that have the backing of developers and the user community.

These plugins and add-ons can do things like schedule posts for their blog, respond to website comments from one central platform, allow team members to access the back panel with limitations, forward emails to the appropriate addresses and so much more. The idea here is to identify business processes related to your website and look for plugins or add-ons that leverages technology to execute the task.

Communities for CMS platforms also post-free website templates that users can download and customize. While these CMS platforms typically come bare bones, beginners can easily install it on their web hosting server, choose a theme/template and create a fully functional website within a matter of hours. This allows businesses to set up multiple webpages and websites very quickly.

Taking Advantage of Social Media Automation and Listening Tools

Every business needs to have presence on social media in order to stay competitive and create a relationship with their customers. However, it can be difficult to do so with so many different platforms, a lack of resources and limited time. Fortunately, many third party companies have come out with social media tools that help you automate most of your social media tasks so that you can focus more on building your business.

For example, tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and SproutSocial allow you to schedule posts on social media platforms so that you can publish all your content in one go. These tools also allow you to manage multiple social media accounts from one platform. There are even analytics tools to help you assess the performance of your campaigns. These features will help your business save an immense amount of time, stay organized with your social media campaigns and maximize your results.

But one of the more helpful features of these social media tools is the social listening capability. These tools look for mentions so that you are notified whenever somebody mentions you on social media. The notifications mean that you can take advantage of partnerships, press stories and conversations when the opportunities present themselves. It also means that you can monitor your reputation so that you can address false claims and customer complaints.

Using CRM Software to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

More businesses are investing in CRM (customer relationship management) platforms to increase sales, cut costs and maximize customer lifetime value. It wasn’t too long ago that businesses would treat their customers as one entity. They offered them the same products/services, communicated with them in the same manner and never looked for the right opportunities to sell to them. Businesses are now changing this antiquated approach with the use of CRM software.

Using CRM platforms and analytics, businesses can segment prospects and customers based on actions they’ve taken. They can create sales funnels to nurture their leads and maximize the profitability of their marketing campaigns. They can look for key customer indicators that show when it’s time to make a phone call or offer leads a specific promotions. Most importantly, businesses can maximize their customer lifetime value by appealing to all segments of their customer base.

Basically, CRM platforms allow businesses a better insight into their customers which leads to better decision making on how to develop a relationship with their audience as well as how to market to them. These CRM solutions also automate email follow-ups, text messages, phone calls and even social media. As a result, businesses can create a multi channel touch marketing campaign in a streamlined manner.

Running Multivariate Testing and Conversion Rate Optimization Campaigns

Businesses that test regularly and meticulously seem to see faster growth with their marketing campaigns. Savvy businesses today use multivariate testing for their marketing campaigns as it is a faster testing process. Multivariate testing is basically A/B testing on steroids. It uses a mathematical formula to help businesses calculate which combination of elements on a website or sales page leads to the highest conversion whether it’s a lead, action or sale.

More businesses are also buying in to the idea of conversion rate optimization. Rather than just focus on their website or sales pages, they’re focusing on the marketing campaign as a whole. By working on improving multiple parts of the sales process with multivariate testing, the improvements aren’t isolated to simply the sales page or the email marketing campaign.

Businesses are seeing big jumps in leads, sales and average order sizes. They’re optimizing every step of the sales process from the lead capture page, email follow-ups, text message blasts, to the upsell offers. This allows businesses to maximize profitability, cut their costs and outspend their competitors.

Those are some of the various technology-based strategies that you can use to make your business more successful. Obviously, there can be quite a learning curve when it comes to learning the skills to use all this technology and integrate into your businesses processes. However, the pay off from your efforts will be immense. They’ll help you take your business to the next level whether your goal is to start a blog, launch an eCommerce store or sell professional services online.



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