How Gaming Sites Can Improve Their Web Design

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Online casino sites are worth trillions of pounds and they attract players every second of every day from all over the world. The industry though, is swamped in terms of the amount of operators out there so it’s vitally important that the customers’ needs are catered for or they could be playing at a rival’s casino in just a couple of clicks. The way to make a real impression is with the design of the website by following the four pillars of design. This will not only improve conversions, but will also help with player retention.

First of all the colour scheme has got to be inviting. If you take PartyCasino’s colour scheme for example, they use colours that make their website stand out but they also let you know you’re playing at PartyCasino too. The mixture of purples, pinks, whites and blues are very pleasing on the eye and grab people’s attention; but they’re not too much in your face, to the point it starts to strain one’s eyes for example. Also, when it comes to colour, it’s important to take into account the people’s beliefs and backgrounds.

When players come to an online casino, they want simplicity really. They want everything to have its place, so that is why it’s common for selections to be in grids, with menu and sidebars; however, if it looks over complicated people will quickly be put off. It’s about showing customers that there’s plenty on offer in terms of features and games; but retaining that sleek, clean and simple look at the same time.


The site hasn’t only got to look good either, it’s got to feel good too. Site Navigation through the gaming site must be just as impressive as the look of it. This is where menus and links come into play. There must be ways to quickly gain access to specific game types such as slots, live casino, blackjack and roulette for example. If people are having to click one option to then be greeted with even more options they will end up just clicking on to another site full stop.

Promotions are hugely important too in terms of fending off the opposition and both visually and navigation wise the operator must have this down to a tee. So for example, it’s important to display what the welcome bonus is, in a prominent position with clear call to actions. Therefore, most established gaming sites, will have all their latest promotions, offers etc. at the top of the Home Page. If customers can see it, they’re going to take notice. Furthermore, players have to be able to navigate to the Promotions section instantly too. Potential customers are the ones websites are trying to get signed up, so this is another aspect of the service that has to be able to be done quickly and in just a click or two.

It’s pretty simple for online gaming sites to improve their web design because a lot of sites follow similar patterns. It’s important however to add that unique twist that will not only see a site stand out, but it will make it recognisable for people who will instantly know they’re playing at that special site.



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