Four DIY Christmas Gifts You Can Make For Your Friends

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The weather is getting colder and the winter holidays are quickly approaching, which means that Christmas is just around the corner. You may have written down gift ideas for relatives on your shopping list, but you shouldn’t forget to show some love and appreciation to your friends. If you want to show your platonic affection without breaking your budget, here are some suggestions for DIY Christmas presents that you can make for your friends.

A Homemade Scarf

A homemade scarf is a wonderful Christmas gift to make for a friend, because it is thoughtful and practical. To personalize the scarf, choose yarn in their favourite colours and try to match the design to their clothing style—for instance, if they prefer fashion basics, don’t go overboard with the pattern. You can find the yarn that you need for your project on the Yarnspirations website, which carries a wide variety of yarn brands, fibers, colours and weights. The website will have a wide range of crochet patterns for scarves that you can use as a guideline for your gift—if you don’t feel like making a scarf, they also have other fun crochet patterns to use for accessories like mittens, hats, headbands and socks.

Christmas Crackers

With a handful of crafting supplies, you can make DIY Christmas Crackers as fun and affordable gifts for your friends. You can recreate traditional prizes put inside festive crackers like paper crowns, hard candy and small toys like whistles and spinning tops. If you want to spend a little extra to upgrade the prizes consider putting gift cards, chocolate truffles or miniature liquor bottles inside the crackers.

Seasonal Sweets

The winter season is the time of year when people spend their weekends baking, decorating and eating sweets, so why not make some dessert for your friends. Give them a tin filled with treats fit for the holiday like rum balls, peppermint bark or freshly-made gingerbread cookies. For something even easier, fill a mason jar with homemade hot chocolate mix layered with marshmallows, sprinkles, spices and candies so that your friend can make their own drink whenever they want.

Homemade Card

One simple, sweet and budget-friendly gift that you can whip up for a friend is a homemade holiday card. Get some nice paper and some crafting supplies like markers, pencil crayons, glitter, scissors and glue to craft the card from scratch. Before getting started on your DIY Christmas card, you should think about what the tone of the card should be—decide if you want the card to be silly, sarcastic or genuine to suit your friend’s personality.

Make your friends feel  loved this Christmas by giving them some handcrafted gifts that come directly from the heart. Whether you crochet them a winter scarf or make them a homemade holiday card, they will appreciate the effort that you put into making them smile.



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