Would You Try Wix – The All-in-one Website Builder?

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An online website builder, is considered to be an alternative to a typical web designing or web developing professional or agency. Therefore, it is quite justified for users to expect all the features and services from an online website builder that they can get from an offline professional. The specific features and attributes that are considered inevitable for such a platform are:





  • Adaptability and customization
  • Design features
  • Interactivity and optimization
  • Accessibility
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Web apps and services

Well, the good news is that there is one website builder that covers all these features and offers them for free. I’m talking about Wix, an all-in-one online website building platform providing you all the basic and advanced features of website building.

However, to see how Wix comes at par with any professional web designer or developer, I’ll discuss all its features under the light of the ones mentioned above. Let’s read on.

Adaptability and Customization

Drag and Drop

Wix offers a cool drag and drop element for users through its comprehensive Editor with which you can customize your site exactly the way you want it. Anyone with even with zero knowledge of coding can handle the customization to their creative limits.

Custom Domain Name

To make your site’s name appear in the specific searches you can select a custom domain name and register it with Wix. If you already have a domain you can connect it to the website that you create with Wix.

Manage Hosting

You get free and reliable hosting facility on Wix’s vast cloud server. Unlike other hosting options out there, this one will not let you or your website down.

Templates and Design Features

Templates and Design

With Wix you get access to over 500 designer-made templates for any type of website, over 40 unique galleries, millions of professional, high-resolution photos, templates with the 3D parallax effect, and the ability to add as many site pages as you want (even create sub-pages).

One-page Websites

To get your newbie website up and running with in no time, Wix offers one-pager templates that are simple to choose and elegant in looks.

Wix Code

Wix Code is a special feature that makes it easy to build web applications and robust websites. It’s serverless, hassle-free coding. You can set up database collections, create dynamic pages and content rich websites, and add custom forms.

Interactivity and Optimization


An SEO Wizard that helps your site getting found on leading search engines by using search phrases and keywords to target your customers and improve your rankings. It also helps you plan your site’s SEO strategy.

Wix Blog

To interact with your customers or followers and keeping them updated about your brand, Wix offers you to host a special blog on your website that is also completely customizable.

Header Tag Override

As header tags help SEO bots navigate and understand the content of your website, Wix allows you to choose which header tag you want to appear with each paragraph of text on your site. This helps anyone who uses assistive technology easily navigate your site and readily access its content.


Wix Engage

Reach out to your customers with Wix Engage that gives you the flexibility to enable or disable customer chat from your desktop, send customers product photos from your online store through your chat, and view updates from your Wix Apps.

Live Chat

It is a premium live chat and help desk software for customer service and online sales to connect with your customers in real-time through your website.

Social Buttons and Facebook Tools

Social media is the key to accessibility. Therefore Wix offers you to keep your website interesting and fresh with a social bar that lets visitors follow your social media accounts. Also, you can have a variety of Facebook tools to grow your audience.

Mobile Friendliness

Wix Mobile

All the websites created through Wix are responsive i.e. they will look amazing on any device, including the mobile phone. You can also get a mobile app of your site in just one click. Moreover, the online store you create through Wix are also mobile optimized so your customers can browse your store or make purchases on the go.

Quick Action Button

You can place Quick Action Buttons to your mobile website so visitors can easily contact you from their mobile phones and access to the most important parts of your site.

Web Apps and Services

Wix Stores

This is a web app that helps you create, manage and promote your online store easily and without taking any commission on the payments.

Wix Music

A service offered by Wix that allows your visitors to listen, share, download and purchase your music. Best of all there’s no commission on the sales you make through your digital store.

Wix Pro Gallery

It’s a web app offered by Wix for photographers to showcase and sell their images and photographs online. It has advanced image settings, easy customization and covers payment and shipment features as well.

Wix Events and Bookings

Either you want to create and manage special events on your website or offer customers to book your services on your site, Wix has special apps for that. You can keep visitors updated on your events’ highlights and schedule your services all for free.

Wrapping up

To give you sum and substance, Wix is such an intelligent and feature-filled online website builders that offers you all that an offline web designer or developer has to offer (even more than that). It is up to you to try it out and benefit from its many features.



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