Why WordPress is now used by 30% of Top 10 Million Sites

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Content Management Systems (CMSs) are used for creating and managing website content. As per a recent report by W3Techs, WordPress accounts for around 60 percent of the CMS market share. W3Techs also analyzed the top ten million websites according to Alexa rankings and found that WordPress is used on around 30% of these sites. This is an incredible achievement in a mere 15 years from its launch. In this article, we will look at some of the primary reasons behind the success of WordPress.

It is Free – No Hidden Clauses

WordPress, an open-source platform has developers contributing to its success from all over the globe. It is a free-to-use platform and does not have any hidden clauses or surprise elements which most people are wary of.

Plugins make WordPress Versatile

While many CMS platforms offer plugins, the WordPress platform offers the most seamless and thorough implementation of plugins. It also offers a single-click plugin install directory which has a wide range of plugins for photos, shopping carts, sliders, maps and many more.

One of the Best Blogging Solution

WordPress started as a blogging platform. As it evolved into a CMS over years, it still is one of the best blogging solutions available. It is easy to start and manage your blog and has a plethora of options like categories, gravatars, spam control, and a plugin infrastructure. Also, WordPress.com offers free hosting for a blog, with certain restrictions of course.

Outstanding CMS Features

For anyone who has used WordPress, the easy-to-use interface is the first thing that stands out. It is intuitive and amazingly simple. In fact, there is a popular phrase which states that if you can use Word, you can use WordPress. Furthermore, all it takes is five minutes to install.


If there is one thing that most website owners are worried about, it is the security of their site. WordPress makes updating your security tools as simple as a click. Also, the developers keep working on finding and fixing bugs and vulnerabilities in the software and release an update. The platform gives you a single-click option to install the latest version.

Helps in SEO

Many experts who use various tools and plugins for SEO believe that WordPress offers simple layouts, permalinks, and easy linking options, making sites built on it a natural magnet to Google. Many developers also feel that WordPress helps you get better search results.


With WordPress, you can start a blog, upgrade to a website, add a shopping cart, etc. The point is that the platform offers support as you grow. The plugins and themes ensure that your site stays in sync with your business.

There is One More Element

While WordPress is undeniably a great CMS, unleashing its true potential also depends on the kind of hosting service you use. A good and dedicated WP Hosting provider should offer a feature-rich control panel for easy management, adaptability to traffic spikes, automatic updates, backups and security along with a cutting-edge infrastructure. Ensure that your site reaches the dizzying heights of success by deploying WordPress with a good hosting provider.



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