3 Tips to Edit and Come Up with Impressive Photos for a Website

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Websites nowadays are much more visual than they were in the past, and the photos that you choose to publish will be front and center on yours. While knowing some photography basics can help you to snap better photos in the first place, you also need to be able to edit them for your website.

If you need some tips that you can use to edit and come up with more impressive photos, there are a few in particular that you should try:

Crop photos using the rule of thirds as a guide

To use the rule of thirds you should enable the grid in your editor and align the subject and other important elements based on the gridlines and intersection points. If the subject is a person you may want to place one of their eyes on one of the inner intersection points.

By using this composition technique as a guide when you crop your photo, you can reframe its composition and focus it more. It will let you come up with an off-center photo that looks more appealing and is more balanced as well.

White balance, color grade and use filters consistently

Think of the visuals on your website as part of your brand, and try to adopt a consistent approach to their visual style. If you want you may want to come up with a basic style guide that details that approach.

In most cases you will want to white balance your photos and then color grade them based on your style guide. As an alternative you could find a filter (or two) that you feel reflects your website’s style and apply them consistently to your photos.

Try out the minimal approach

The minimal approach is often a good idea for website photos as it has more white space and its photos will look less crowded when published on a website. Typically it involves limiting the number of elements in the photo however, which may be tricky to accomplish during the editing stage.

To use it you will need to remove person from photo as well as other elements that may not be integral to the photo itself. That may sound difficult but there are editors that make it easier, for example Movavi Photo Editor.

Before you edit your photo, you should have a clear understanding of how it is going to be used on your website. Aside from making sure it looks impressive, you should also try to ensure it is the right size so that it is optimized and the photo itself isn’t dramatically bigger or smaller than the frame in which it will be published.

Make no mistake the photos that you publish can have a huge impact on your website, so you should take care when snapping, selecting, and editing them. The tips above should help, and enable you to come up with photos that stand out more and draw the attention of viewers.



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