6 Tips on Social Media Marketing

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Everywhere you go, you can see social media handles. They appear on the product packaging, t-shirts that people wear, shop front, and TV shows. In fact, social media has taken over traditional advertising because it is cheaper and can reach to the targeted audience faster. The following are 6 tips on how to implement an effective social media marketing campaign for your small business.

Learn about Your Audience

The first step is to learn about your audience. Knowing your audience is important as it will allow you to create content that matches with the buyer personas. You can look at the analytics data and identify information such as age group, country, average income, common values, device, and brand interaction. If you don’t yet have detailed analytics data, you can organize a survey, for example, a poll in an advertisement to find out about your audience.

Know Your Competitors

To implement a social media strategy successfully, you must have some knowledge about your competitors. You can find out about your competitor by performing a social media competitor analysis. In an excel program, start a new spreadsheet and type all the competitor’s information such as brand name, year founded, number of employees, and traffic source. Find out the good and bad things that people are saying about their brands.

Once you have done the competitor analysis, you will know what to do to improve the quality of your product and social media posts to lead to higher conversion. You also need to be more responsive than your competitor. If your competitor is available on the social media for 24/7, you should also do this too.

Telling Good Stories

Telling stories on social media can invoke emotion in the users and make them pleased with your brand. Good stories can stir up the body to release a chemical called oxytocin that can create a bonding experience. When you have maintained a group of loyal followers, you will find it easy for you to get a lot of conversions naturally.

One way to tell a good story is through videos. In every video you create, make sure you put priority in the first few seconds. People usually watch only the first few seconds of a new video they click through. The attention span is becoming shorter as the internet becomes filled with more and more videos. You must focus on the quality of the video rather than trying to upload as many videos as you can.

If your video is high definition like M4V, you will need to compress it to a small format like MP4. You can convert m4v to mp4 online with an online video converter instead of letting YouTube compressing the video. YouTube will distort the video quality when compressing it so you should be compressing it yourself. You can choose a reputable online converter site to ensure that the video did not lose its quality when it is converted. Before uploading, make sure your file does not exceed the maximum file size restriction.

Perform a Social Media Audit

Everything that you are doing on social media to promote your brand needed to be audited. You can use a special monitoring tool to track the results of these tools. This will allow you to find out what is working and what is not working. The audit will allow you to determine whether you are on track with your strategy. While performing audits, you will know if there is any other account that is using your brand name. You will have to report accounts that impose your brand name as they will be harmful to your conversion.

Set Up Accounts on Networks that Suit Your Products

You should set up accounts on the networks that are best suited for your products. For example, if you sell fashion products, you can use Instagram and Pinterest. If you are a restaurant, you can set up your account on Twitter. When setting up an account, make sure to fill in a biography, website URL and include a profile picture. All images should be correctly sized, and compressed according to the network requirements.

Create a Social Media Calendar

Being consistent in posting is one of the keys to success on the social media. Sometimes, you have a matter to attend to and you may put off posting to your social media. To avoid this from happening, you should can a social media content calendar and mark the dates where you want to post on the social media. In this way, it will be easy for you to schedule the posts and it also ensure that they are posted at optimal times on the social media platform. On the calendar, you can include your mission statement for different social media networks. You can also make note on where the link should point to in each post you are scheduling on the network.



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