Networking Nuances – How Coworking Can Lead To More Opportunities

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With the city’s fast-paced, vibrant economy, low taxes and English being widely spoken, Hong Kong is a great place to base a business if you’re looking to break into the Asian marketplace. Because of this, coworking in Central, one of Hong Kong’s major financial districts, is exploding in popularity. The demand for new spaces is making it tricky for some to find a good quality coworking environment in which to set up their remote business operations.

 Those who can find a suitable coworking space are reaping the benefits. Coworking comes with many advantages over more traditional office environments, and at a fraction of the cost. As a central meeting point for professionals of all backgrounds, the opportunities the coworking environment offer are numerous. Let’s take a closer look at some of the opportunities that coworking in Hong Kong can offer.

 Constant Connection

 A huge benefit of coworking is the possibility to meet and interact with diverse professionals in a variety of industries. The opportunities for collaboration and networking are unprecedented, you might find yourself working alongside people who may be directly or indirectly capable of providing you with fresh insights, perspectives, and advice on matters that could make a huge difference to your own work. This collaboration-centric environment is what coworking is all about. Ideally, these interactions will make you and your team more productive, inspired, and enthusiastic about your work.


Support When You Need It

The connections provided by coworking spaces go beyond the walls of the office. Premium providers of coworking spaces can offer incredible perks such as an answering service hosted by a bilingual, dedicated receptionist who will forward and direct your calls as necessary. A fully-fledged and fitted out office space is already set up for you, ready to get to work in. Premium service providers have in-house IT support available to solve any technical difficulties you might have as well as high-speed wifi connections to increase the speed and reliability of your international interactions. These included services can help you avoid missed opportunities due to slow connections or interrupted service.

 While it might seem like a necessity in the modern business environment, many coworking spaces do not provide printing, scanning, or photocopying services. Make sure to choose a premium service provider who does offer these services to get the most value for your money.



 Coworking spaces are increasingly popular with multinational corporations in Hong Kong. The flexibility inherent in coworking spaces allows for these bigger businesses to set up small teams in major cities around the world for a relatively low cost. As an SME or a professional, you can also take advantage of this flexibility. With month-to-month contracts, with no lock-in leases and no deposits, with some services available on an as-needed basis, you can expand your business easier than ever before.


New Work, New Prospects

 In the idea and information economy, the ability to interact with different professions, different industries, and different personalities on a daily basis is something that brings great opportunity. Creativity and great ideas spring from combining many streams of information into something new.

 Set yourself up to be an innovator in your industry. The relatively new working environments created by coworking spaces provide the freedom and flexibility that many modern workers desire. If you are working or starting out in a field that lends itself to potentially using a coworking space, then leverage the technological and interpersonal prospects of this trend to your advantage. Who knows who you might meet and what you might create in the process.



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