Smart Phones and their Ability to Alleviate Poverty

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The use of the mobile phone is increasing by each day and most countries embracing the change that is being fostered by smartphones. Smartphones have bridged the gap of equality in poverty-stricken communities around the globe. Jobs are being created and literacy skills are also being upgraded on a daily basis.

Most people even in the world are now in possession of a smartphone. They have improved communication, healthcare and also economic growth. The era of smarts has also created many opportunities even  slot machines where one can win real money.

The Change in the Mobile Industry

As mentioned above the availability of smartphones has definitely improved areas of healthcare, education and most of the industries in most countries. Healthcare has or in the sense that information on preventative healthcare can be distributed amongst community members via social media.

So the information is shared on how some diseases can be prevented as soon as an outbreak is reported. This seems to be a great initiative as most people from all over the world are benefiting.

Smartphone Ownership

Smartphone ownership is believed to be developing the Gross Domestic Product of many countries. These include iPhone, Huawei, Samsung or Sony. With the way most people are embracing the existence of Smartphones, everyone has to own one so the demand and supply will definitely change a lot of things in terms of a country’s development.

The Smartphone industry has proved to be the most developing as technology keeps on growing. The Smartphone industry keeps on growing as many people are always in demand of what’s new on the market. Many people love statements through the type of phone they use and if it’s the latest. However, most people do not really care about that as long they can do the basics of communicating and having access to the internet and even to play their favourite best online sports betting as long as it’s android of iOS.



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