The Best Apps To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

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It’s late October, and you know what that means – or at least we hope you do! Halloween is just around the corner, and that means it’s party season. Soon, many of you will be putting on costumes and attending parties. If you have children, you might be sorting out costumes for them, too, and taking them out trick-or-treating. It’s the one time of the year where it’s totally fine to scare ourselves (and each other) witless, and we look forward to it all year round. 

There are many things you can do to get yourself into the Halloween spirit, from hanging decorations around your home to arranging a horror movie marathon. If you’ve already done those things and you’re wondering what’s next, though, we have a few ideas for you that will help you get into a Halloween frame of mind. They don’t take a lot of effort – they’re all things you can do from the comfort of your own home, with your mobile phone in your hand!

Here’s our take on the best five Halloween-themed mobile apps currently available. 

Trick Or Tracker

This one isn’t so much about entertainment as it is about safety – but if you’re a parent, the safety of your children will be at the forefront of your mind from the moment they leave with their collection bags to the moment they get back home again! Here’s a little fact for trivia fans – nobody knows exactly how or why trick or treating started as an activity. We know that the ancient Celtics believed in a rudimentary form of trick or treating, but even they probably picked it up from somewhere else. In any event, it would be useful to know how far away your kids have got when they’re out looking for treats, and it would also be useful for them to know the quickest route home if they take a wrong tour. Install the ‘Trick or Tracker’ on both your phone and theirs. It will point them home any time they open it, and it will also tell you where they are. It’s the next best thing to getting them tagged!


Here’s another fact for you – the tradition of carving a pumpkin at Halloween comes from early Irish immigrants to America, but they didn’t use pumpkins, because pumpkins didn’t exist in Ireland at the time. They used turnips instead, because turnips looked just like rotting human heads. How lovely! Not everyone is a great pumpkin artist, and not everyone wants the mess that comes with carving them either. If you want to practice your skills, or you’d like your children to be able to indulge their pumpkin carving skills without getting the inside of a pumpkin all over your carpet, download the Carve-a-Pumpkin app from Parents magazine. You can always try it for real if you think you’ve mastered the design you want!

Book of Halloween

This tip isn’t strictly an app, but it’s a great entertainment choice if you’re one of the millions of people who like to try their luck on the spin of the reels on UK casino games. We’re going to assume that if you can download apps, you can also access mobile slots websites. Book of Halloween has all the regular thrills and spills that come with playing mobile slots, but also has a spooky Halloween theme that’s sure to put a wicked smile on your face when you’re playing – and even more so if you win! If spooky mobile slots are your thing, you might also be interested to know that a slots game based on the classic ‘Halloween’ movie also exists. Playing slots is a little like trick or treat; only the rewards are spendable instead of edible!

Halloween Photo Booth

Are you interested in painting your face for Halloween, but you’re not sure which design to go for? Don’t worry; we have the perfect app for you. It’s called ‘Halloween Photo Booth,’ and it lets you try out different face paint looks without all the trouble of washing it off. The app comes with a wide range of different themes and inspirations, and works with a real photo of your face so you can see exactly how it looks if you go with the style. There is a slight issue in that you’ll need to be a skilled face paint artist to replicate exactly what you’re seeing on the screen with some of the more intricate designs, but you’ll at least have the benefit of being able to look at the photo while you’re doing it. How wrong could you possibly go? 

Ghost Radar

If you really want to give yourself a scare, download one of the variants of the ‘Ghost Radar’ app for your device. Just don’t blame us if you find out you have uninvited spectral guests in your home! The ghost radar is used by paranormal investigators to detect the signs of a ghostly presence in any given location. It monitors ultraviolet light, and also listens out for sounds that are inaudible to the human ear. If it finds anything, it will display it on your screen for your entertainment (or possible dread). Unlike the other apps on our list, this doesn’t claim to be an entertainment product. It represents itself as a genuine app, capable of locating the existence of real ghosts. But that can’t be true, can it? Surely ghosts aren’t real? But then if they’re not real, where’s the harm in downloading this app and having a quick scan of your home to find out for sure? We’re not sure we’re brave enough to give it a try, but you might be. If you do, let us know what it finds!

Above all else, have a wonderful Halloween. It only comes around once a year, and we never like to miss an excuse for a party, so we intend to take full advantage of it. We hope you do, too. Don’t forget, once it’s all over, it’s only a small number of weeks before Christmas – and we might be back here to provide you with a fun set of apps for the holiday season!



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