Digital Transformation Trends You Need to Know for 2020

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For the past few years in digital transformation it seems like the same chairs were being rearranged. Nothing fascinating tends to grace the digital world despite the extensive growth of best online sports betting website games. But the rest it has been a massive recycle.

Nevertheless, we reckon we are now on the verge of something phenomenal in 2020. This year is the year we should be ready to expect the unexpected. The digital transformation has taken a major turnaround in transforming livelihood in the whole universe.

There is a lot coming your way in 2020 all you need to do is keep on reading this article to know what the digital wizards have in store for you.

Faster Wi-Fi for a wilder World

Despite Wi-Fi 6 and the coming of 5G are completely different innovations. Both will be bringing us a faster wireless connection speed in 2020.

The 5G and Wi-Fi 6 working in concert will surely create the much-needed combination of ultra-fast connectivity for both home and office.

Internet users can expect speeds up to 3x faster than the 5G alone. Moreover, the quality and data consumed through Wi-Fi networks are increasing rapidly. And if you are real money casino games gambler. You are surely going to enjoy the world of good with when you are playing for real money.

Blockchain Moves beyond Crypto

Few years back, Blockchain was surely overhyped and it was deemed to become a big thing in 2019. But in 2020, most people are beginning to settle for other meaningful use for this innovative tool.

Amazon Web Services have been democratizing Blockchain technology along with their subscription based Blockchain as a top class service platform.

At the same time, they are not alone on this effort. There are quite a number of global leaders who are also in this space. These include Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and China’ Alibaba.

The beauty is that we are at the brink of witnessing the real use of this technology beyond payment and cryptocurrencies.



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