EE Mobile vs Vodafone Mobile – Which Is the best provider?

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Vodafone and EE Mobile – both are very reputable companies and serving clients for many years now in UK. Both are offering amazing deals and packages, internet speed, and other features. But still you are looking for the one that is the best for you. In that case, you should read this article carefully. It is very difficult to judge which one is the best provider because both of them have advantages. After some research we have figured out key points that will let us know which provider is the best.

1. Price of Packages

Vodafone and EE are offering plenty of packages and deals of handsets, Mobile data and Sim only deals. For PAYG, that is being offered by EE, it is the cheaper option as compared to Vodafone. EE mobile is offering it in £5 per month. On the other hand, Vodafone is offering it in £10. Well there is no big difference in the price. The quality against the price is somehow the same, so according to the price of the deals EE mobile can be your priority.

2. Overseas Use

Every mobile network is providing a service of mobile roaming which helps you make the calls, text or use the internet if you are in an overseas country. Vodafone network is offering you mobile roaming in more than 60 countries, which means you can use Vodafone network for making calls, texting messages and the internet use anywhere in the world. However, EE mobile is offering the services in few popular countries i.e. USA, Canada, UK and other popular countries. So you can see EE mobile is somehow restricted as compared to Vodafone, so in this matter Vodafone can be your choice.

3. Mobile Data Speed

There is no alternative to the EE mobiles in terms of mobile data speed. They are offering the amazing internet bundle deals, which are comparatively cheap as compared to Vodafone. It does not mean Vodafone has a low speed internet. Day by day they are improving their services, they are installing the broadcasters and boosters just for providing the better services to the customers. But still the EE mobiles are the prior option for you, if you are looking for the network specifically for internet usage.

4. Network Coverage

EE is at the top in UK in the race of network coverage. Not only the EE mobiles have beaten Vodafone network, they’ve beaten all the other networks with amazing coverage. Vodafone covers 95% of the area for 4G services and 90% for 3G services, but with EE you will find 100% stats for everything either coverage area of 4G or the same coverage area of 3G network. If you are on EE services, you will never curse on the network coverage, your mobile phone will never lose signals as long as there will be no issue wtih a mobile phone.



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