How to Craft Click-Worthy Google Ads

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Authors and writers stand to benefit greatly from Google Ads — the biggest and most profitable paid advertising platform out there. It is a handy tool that can help you draw in potential readers and boost the sales of your books. Google Ads is also extremely helpful when it comes to promoting an event, such as a book signing or launch because it allows you to target specifically, including by town location.

If you are intrigued by the prospect of paid advertising, now is the time to learn how to leverage it. Here are some great tips for crafting click-worthy Google ads from scratch.


You will want your Google Ads to have international appeal when you are using the platform to promote your book. However, if you want to promote a book signing or book release event, it is important to localize your ads as much as possible. The simplest way to do this is to include your target keyword and your chosen location in the first line, followed by your message and the various details in the second.

Fill up space

Think about it — the more space on the search results page that your ad occupies, the higher the chances of the person taking notice of it and, of course, clicking on it. With this in mind, work hard to meet the maximum character count in all of your ads. Just be careful not to get too ‘fluffy’ along the way. Another way to expand the size of your ad is to include relevant ad extensions, like additional site links, the address of the event, and a phone number for bookings (if applicable).

Don’t write them yourself

You’re a writer, so why shouldn’t you write your Google Ads yourself? The reality is that crafting copy for Google Ads isn’t about using beautiful vocabulary or telling a story. A significant part of it is strategic and based on having an advanced knowledge of how search engines operate and why people would be using them in the first place. It is because of this that it can work to your advantage to partner with a digital marketing agency specializing in paid search, such as, for expert assistance.

Provide an incentive

You can often make your ads more clickable by providing people with an attractive incentive. Perhaps something like ‘Buy Now and Get an Instant 15% Off’ or ‘Book Your Spot at the Signing Today for Free Access’.

Choose the right words

There have been several studies conducted to uncover the specific words that search engine users respond to the most. Almost all of them have highlighted ‘save’, ‘best’, ‘free’, and ‘now’ as being the go-to words for maximum impact. So, try to weave in as many of these into your copy as you can!

Now that you understand the ins and outs of crafting click-worthy Google Ads, you can start reaping the benefits of paid advertising for authors. Don’t forget to reach out for guidance if you need a helping hand!



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